3 days with the JTG 250 and a few mates! -Darren Kavanagh

The venue for this ride was at Dougie’s place at Bendemeer. When you google motorcycling nirvana it should simply say “see Doug’s place”. He has done a awesome job, with great sections for all levels and for the more adventurous he has cut about 30 Kay of single track, up and down this very steep country, loose dirt, strewn with small rocks leading to massive slabs of granite with very few straight runs at anything. After going up and down one of these we would stop for a minute with everyone breathing hard, big smiles and quite often the dinner plate eyes were on ! Before I go any further I must thank Dave Marchant for lending me his new JTG 250. I have not ridden a trials bike for 12 months, so I was bloody keen, but we all know how Marcho looks after his bikes and riding at this place anything could happen.

Split Rock Panorama

Split Rock Panorama

I was very impressed with the JTG motor; the most torque I have ever felt out of a 250cc engine. I did most of the the steep loose climbs in 2nd gear, get off line ( did a bit of this ) roll off the throttle, get lined up again and simple roll the throttle back on, hauling my slim 110kg. It never stalled once and saved my bacon time after time. Another plus is that the bike started 1st kick every time, and with a dodgy knee, this is the next best thing to a electric leg. This is also the 1st bike I have ridden were I could feel a noticeable difference when using the engine mapping switch.
The rear suspension on the JTG was another high light for me: it’s ability to hold line and find traction without the back end behaving like a pogo-stick was terrific. On rock steps of various sizes it inspired a lot of confidence. With the position of the rear shock, adjusting and servicing should be a breeze and it has also allowed for a bigger air box.
The front end on the JTG felt a bit heavier than my old gassa We all agreed that in the off camber, loose dirt, rocks and leaf littered corners (of which there were plenty), it held its line the best.



The brakes copped a hell of a workout, with no complaints at all: a nice touch is the rear brake pedal on a spline.

I enjoyed my 3 days on the JTG. It’s a great looking bike with a lot of attention to detail and a rock solid feel when you ride it. I will admit I was not a fan of the first model, a good concept but it needed some refinement in some key areas. The factory listened to all the feed back and have produced a cracker of a bike. So it was a top 3 days, good company, awesome riding and a few beers around the fire.
Darren K

And also, the “traveling-at-night-where-the-f…k-are-we” award goes to Paul and Chello, and I agree with you both, Uralla is a nice place this time of year.

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