Raga takes Day 2 (USA) in a nail biter.

It has come down to a count back on cleans, but Raga has ended up taking both days in the USA.RAGA-D2-USA

Adam Raga has returned to repeat victory in the second round of the Grand Prix of the United States, though this time it was much closer, since there was a tie with Toni Bou which had to be settled with a countback on cleans (zeros).

Takahisa Fujinami completed the podium.. In the overall World Cup leader Raga is now a point ahead of Bou.

Francesc Moret was the winner in Junior, followed by Jorge Casals and Cedric Tempier. Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas Australia) had a great top 10 finish on day 1, but failed to repeat that performance on the second day.

1. Adam Raga – 24 (28 cleans)

2. Toni Bou – 24 (27 cleans)

3. Takahisa Fujinami – 38

4. Jeroni Fajardo – 40

5. Albert Cabestany – 55

6. James Dabill – 61

7. Alexandre Ferrer – 83

8. Loris Gubian – 90

9. Matteo Grattarola – 104

10. Jack Challoner – 110

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