Adam Raga leads the World Championship winning the USA GP

The official Gas Gas rider won the two days of the United States Trial Grand Prix and now stands as the leader in the World Championship standings.

RAGA-D2-USAMay 26th 2013
Sequatchie, Tennessee, United States

Definitely, the best of Adam Raga is back. And in the United States it showed the best version of the rider, winning both days of competition in this second round of the World Trial Championship. The American test, much more demanding on Sunday after changing some sections, has given excellent results for the Gas Gas team riders.
Adam Raga has come out strong in the second day of the U.S. Grand Prix Trial, leaving only a few small points, even with this, he finished the first lap leading the race. He was comfortable, and even more so after the victory achieved yesterday. However, when the Gas Gas rider was on course to repeat the ‘0’ yesterday in the second round, a mistake on one of the zones tied the score with Toni Bou, the only rider who challenged Adam’s Sequatchie victory since the rest of the field had made several mistakes.
The third and final lap was to die for, with strange errors from the two top riders, but the Gas Gas rider, in the end has managed to control the tension and finished the race with the same points as his opponent but with more zeros (28 for Raga and 27 for Bou), which has been instrumental in the tie-breaker.
With this result, Adam Raga is positioned as the leader in the standings, one point ahead of reigning champion Toni Bou.
The remaining Gas Gas Factory Team riders, Frenchman Loris Gubian, the Italian Matteo Grattarola, and the Spaniard Pere Borrellas occupied the eighth, ninth and thirteenth place in the standings.
Victory also in the Junior
After the feelings they had yesterday, the Gas Gas riders today have really went for it. Jorge Casales, the brilliant Gas Gas rider from the School of Champions program, dominating the race from the beginning, but an error allowed Francesc Moret to take the second and third laps, giving him the final victory. Casales, who has tried to regain the lead on the last lap, but made another small mistake, is left in second place by a single point. Although the Galician feels good about the result, mostly because the difference with the championship leader were halved: Now only 6 points separate Sheppard and the Gas Gas rider.

The next round of the World Trials Championship will be held on the 15th and 16th of June in the town of Sant Julia de Loria (Andorra).

Adam Raga:
“Great. It has been fantastic, this GP. The race, the bike and the team has all gone very well. In the first two rounds Toni and I have been at a high level, extraordinary, because the rest have been taken down. On the last lap, the pressure may have led us to make more points. Winning has not been easy and I’m very happy because I have shown a good level. It is good to leave here as the championship leader: the motivation, confidence for the next races, for the brand … Gas Gas is proving to be up in the number 1 and this is huge. I’m making steady progress despite the rivals who do not make anything easy, I want to fight to the end for my goal: the victory.”

Francesc Moret:
“It’s been tough. We’ve played the whole trial with Casales and in the end we won by a point. In the first round an absurd mistake, and another in the final with a 3 in an easy area, but I was able to counter it with a zero in the most difficult.”

Jorge Casales:
“Finishing second is not a bad result. It was good because we have cut the points advantage of the leader. The race today was pretty tough, they have raised the level of the sections. I started well and scored the best score in the first round, but in the second a mistake did happen to me and it passed to Moret. On the last lap I also made a mistake and I just missed winning the race. Moret is a great rider and I’m sure he’ll be battling all season. I’m happy with how it went with this GP: this place is very much like my Galicia and I felt good.”








1. Adam Raga (Gas Gas)

2. Toni Bou

3. Takahisa Fujinami

4. Jeroni Fajardo

5. Albert Cabestany

8.  Loris Gubian (Gas Gas)

9. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas)

13. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas)

Junior Pos.


1. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas)

2. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas)

3. Cédrid Tempier

11. Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas)

STANDINGS World Championships

1. Adam Raga (Gas Gas)

2. Toni Bou

3. Takahisa Fujinami

4. Jeroni Fajardo

5. Albert Cabestany

9. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas)

10. Loris Gubian (Gas Gas)

11. Michael Brown (Gas Gas)

17. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas)


1. Jack Sheppard

2. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas)

4. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas)

10. Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas)

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