Trial Master cylinder and lever setup.

Lots of people adjust the brake and clutch master cylinders beyond their parameters, and end up with a badly operating brakes or slipping clutches.

The AJP and Braktec Master cylinders on trials bikes have adjusters for lever reach and piston actuation, but when adjusted incorrectly can cause all sorts of issues.

The Master cylinders only work properly when the piston is hard up against the retaining circlip. if the actuating rod is adjusted in to far then the transfer port between the reservoir and the piston bore becomes blocked and the trouble starts.

Please make sure you always have that little bit of freeplay at the lever. The levers can be adjusted closer or further away from the bars with the screw on the lever end, but the actuating rod should always be moved as well to allows some free play.

i have done a little mud map as a quick explanation below.

mastercylinder-setup1 mastercylinder-setup2

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