Classic Trial Magazine #14 is in.


They are coming thick and fast at the moment. Hot on the heels of Trial magazine #53 with Adam Raga and the new TRS n the cover, we just got our airfreight box of the brand new Classic Trial Magazine #14.

Some great stuff as usual with articles cover a barn stormer Norton 500 featured on the cover plus

Engine: Hiro / Sammy Miller

Workshop: Fantic 300

Meeting: Jock Wilson

Product Focus: REH – Armac                                                                                                                                                            

Machine: Honda TL 125                                                                                                 

Special: Trifield                                                                                                      

International: Soultz – France                                                                                                   

Visit: Steve Martin  

Sport: National’s

Classic Competition: 1980 Northern Experts   

available from the Hell team trials store. $16.50 including postage and handling Australia wide.  LINK

TMag CL-14

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