Every year we travel to Spain to visit supplier and manufacturers, check out some international competition, and catch up with trial friends we have made over the years.

containerAs the majority of the Trial industry is centred around Barcelona and Girona it’s easy to cover a lot of ground in a short time, and apart from new bike and accessory business we use our time wisely scouring all our trial contacts for great second hand bikes.

Spain has a massive Trials community, and over the years we have made some very good friends who keep an eye out for good bikes for us.

There are many older bikes that have had very little or light use, as there is a big contingent of riders who just use the bikes for weekend “Randonne” –  light trail riding in the mountains.

Most of these bikes can be easily identified by them still having the headlights, tail lights etc. They never get stripped down for competition.

The container is currently on the water, and heading down under. LINK TO WEB PAGE

Bikes should be in Australia by early December 2016.


    • Hi Russell – they will be available sometime mid December 2016 (depending on when the boat docks), and we will work shop check every bike before setting a price and listing them on the website for sale. The listings will have a comprehensive appraisal and extensive photos of each bike in the shipment.
      Obviously that will be spread over a week or two as we work our way through the bikes. Please be patient and check back early in December for a more accurate ETA. Once the containers are transhipped in Singapore we get a much more accurate docking schedule. Cheers

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